Monday, July 12, 2004

The End

That's all folks!

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Night #3

Silk & Bamboo from Japan with special appearance by Ramli Ibrahim

Sidi Goma from Gujerat, India

Shake your bon bon!

Silverio Pessoa from Brazil

Our favourite drummer, Wilson Farias

Yummy Seafood!

Seafood dinner at Buntal

Picturesque, breezy, serene

Day #3

Workshop: Me' Tau' Raut'! (Let's Play!) at Top House

Fun game with the poles

Pretty girls dancing

Pretty girls playing sape

A Kelabit sape player

Workshop: The Zulus and the Haka at Top House

Zulu warriors

The Haka

Feast for the eyes

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Night #2

Samba Sunda from Indonesia

Our cool Zainal Abidin lookalike

Black Umfolosi from Zimbabwe

Baul Bishwa from Bengal, India

Te Vaka from New Zealand

Day #2

All geared up for a full day ahead...

Workshop: The Art of Skiffling at Iban Longhouse

The participants engrossed (spot kwazy berry?)

Workshop: African Fakirs from Gujerat at Top House

Much to look at ;-)

Workshop: Black and White, and Sometimes Brown at Orang Ulu Longhouse

Spot two pretty angklung players?

Workshop: Skin and Shakers at Iban Longhouse

Ah... the hypnotic beat of the drums...

...and the drums pound on...

...and even more...

Look at the crowd for this workshop. This is just a quarter of them.
(Spot kwazy berry again?)

Friday, July 09, 2004

Night #1

Tamorra from Sicily

Far right: Salvatore

Doghouse Skiffle Group from UK

Yep, he's actually making music from a washboard.

Mohram from Malaysia

Issa Bagayogo from Mali

Awesome instrument!

Good night!

Do you see?

I see...

I see...